UI/UX Design

Cinema App

The Project

PrimeTime is an app I developed for my Google UX Design Professional Certificate. This app helps users find the best cinema for them in their area and book tickets in one place.

As the sole UX designer, I designed this project from conception to interactive prototypes through research, creativity and UX design principles.


Goal: Make this app intuitive and simple to navigate. A place where users can quickly find cinemas and movie sessions and book their tickets.


Project Duration: 6 Months

Methods: Surveys, Interviews, User Journey, Affinity Mapping, Competitive Audit, Wireframes, Prototyping

Tools: Figma, Google Forms and Google Sheets for the Surveys

The Process


User Stories. To better understand the user's needs and bring the best solutions to this project I conducted user studies through surveys and analysed the findings to create the most appropriate user personas.

User Journey

Ideation and Wireframing

Based on the findings from the research I created and tested wireframes that best fit the users I surveyed for this project.

Design System

High Fidelity Prototypes and Testing

With Figma, I could create an interactive prototype based on the wireframes and design system created for this project.


Project Achievements

My main achievement was the knowledge I acquired with the practice of the UX process. I was able to be part of every step of it and share insights and understand users better through the research work.

At the end of the project, the level of satisfaction with the application design was very high and feedback was mostly positive, revealing that the goal of making this application intuitive and easy to use was achieved.

I personally am very happy with the opportunity to develop this project end-to-end and soak up the most I could in terms of knowledge.

Interactive Prototype

Try out below the interactive prototype.

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